About Ottawa Telugu Association


Ottawa Telugu Association (OTA) is a Not-For-Profit / Non Profit social and cultural community association preserving & promoting the language & culture of Telugu people in and around Canada’s National Capital region – Ottawa, Gatineau and neighboring areas.
At OTA we believe that the future of our Telugu community in Canada is not only about preserving and promoting our culture and language that have a rich heritage dating back to as far as 1500 BCE but also in enabling our community – the people of Telugu origin and their diaspora merge into Canadian multicultural society with deep roots of support, strong branches of help, lush green leaves, flowers and fruit as shining examples of the togetherness, remarkably warm hospitality and good nature that our culture and support brings into our lives.

  • We organize cultural activities to train on and showcase our culture and language during major festivals.
  • We encourage interest and activity groups through OTA Clubs to cultivate arts, skills, learning, sports and games into our community while coordinating and involving with other communities in Canada.
  • We open up multiple avenues to provide information, guidance and assistance to new immigrants of Telugu origin helping them ease and/or accelerate their integration into the Canadian society.
  • We develop long lasting relationships with the local businesses and enterprises by providing an open platform where organizations can engage with our community in meaningful ways and every family in our community would be an example of how we add add to the Canadian economic and social fabric.
  • OTA regularly attends and supports events organized by other international non-profit organizations which results in a positive reinforcement of the open mindedness and global outlook of our culture. We understand that it is only by active participation that we can perpetuate the message of peace and unity that India and its deeply varied but strongly bonded together heritage & culture stand for.

OTA is a Not-for-Profit organization incorporated as a Corporation Without Share Capital in Ontario province, Canada with corporation number 1806327.

Our Mission

Ottawa Telugu Association (OTA) has a multi-fold mission

  • To preserve, promote and perpetuate the cultural heritage of Telugu speaking diaspora in the Ottawa-Gatineau and the regions around the National Capital Region
  • To preserve, promote and perpetuate the linguistic heritage of Telugu language in the Ottawa-Gatineau and the regions around the National Capital Region
  • To increase OTA’s visibility & appeal to new immigrants and people in need of assistance by expanding the service and scope of our activities that help them settle down comfortably in multicultural Canada
  • To encourage enrolment of new members and maintain the enthusiasm of existing members
  • To provide a nurturing environment for our children so that they can learn about our culture and language; for new immigrant kids to ease their transition into a new culture and society
  • To improve and build upon existing relationships with other organizations, ethnic and local communities

Our History

OTA came into existence initially as Andhra Cultural Association circa. 1979 when a group of Telugu families newly immigrated to Canada, living in Ottawa have realized that they need to bond stronger as a group in order to be able to help and support each other to keep up with their culture, language and their lives in the Canadian society.
Our founding members have envisioned promoting the culture of Telugu people and over the decades have laid a great platform for us to keep-up our values, language, culture and community support through OTA. Thanks to our members for the boundless support and contribution, OTA not only encourages and supports talent from within our Telugu community but also encourages local talent in various fields.
The association has been registered as a not-for-profit corporation 2010 with the name “Ottawa Telugu Association”.