“Telugu New Year”

About Ugadi:
Ugadi or Yugadi, also known as Samvatsaradi (beginning of the year), is new year’s Day according to the Hindu calendar and is celebrated primarily in South India and among Telugu people across the world. The day is celebrated with much enthusiasm and involves many customs and traditions. One of the most important customs is the preparation of the famous Ugadi Pacchadi. This is a dish made out of six different ingredients – jaggery (for sweetness), neem (for bitterness), tamarind (for sourness), green chillies (for heat), salt (for saltiness), and raw mango pieces (for astringency). The dish is served as a reminder of how life will be filled with different flavours and emotions throughout the year.
Another important ritual of Ugadi is Panchanga Sravanam, which is the recitation of the Panchanga or the almanac for the year. This almanac contains the dates of important festivals and events in the coming year. The Panchanga Sravanam is performed by a priest in the presence of family members. The priest narrates the details of the Panchanga and predicts the auspicious and inauspicious times of the coming year. He also informs people about the effects of the planets and stars on their lives.



“Festival of lights”

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“Bhogi, Sankranthi and Kanuma”

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