Ottawa Telugu Association (OTA) is a not-for-profit organization and the activities are primarily funded by the yearly membership fee and event fee for premier events. We encourage all the Telugu people in and around the Ottawa-Gatineau region to be associated with OTA and work with us in preserving and promoting our telugu culture and language that has a rich 3500 year heritage. Active members bring stability to the association and better planning for our activities. Please note that we are proposing to an annual membership model and transitioning from anniversary billing model, effective from the date of joining until December 31st 2024, moving away from our previous anniversary-based system. This change ensures that memberships initiated or renewed by April 1st are valid from January through December, allowing members to enjoy a full year’s benefits. We will soon amend our bylaws through SGM to reflect this significant adjustment. Additionally, we encourage members to make informed choices regarding payment methods. Using Interac transfers ensures OTA receives the entire amount of your contribution. In contrast, payments made through PayPal may incur fees, resulting in a partial loss of funds for our association. Opting for the most beneficial payment method helps us maximize our resources for the promotion of our rich cultural and language heritage. .

Please Note: Registering as a member on OTA’s mailing list is open to everyone and that is different from being an OTA Member which is the reference used to identify a registered member of the association who has filled the required form and paid the specified membership fee. Registered members will have discounted event fees(or free when permits), eligible to perform at OTA events, enroll in any future activities and more. We will add more benefits as we build OTA back to its full capacity.

                                                                                            HOW TO APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP ?

                                                                         1.  Please Pay the amount through paypal or e-tranfer 

                                                                         2.  Please fill out your membership application form with your family details.

If there are any issues with the form, please use the link  to access the same form in google sheets. If there is any issue with the form please print it, fill it and email to [email protected]

Membership Types & Yearly Fee

Membership Type Who is eligible? Fee (CA $) Pay Now
Family Parents & their Children living at same address
eTransfer 125$ to email [email protected] OR use Paypal
Notes to OTA:
Individual Aged 18 & above (adult), one individual only (PAY only after OTA approval)
eTransfer $50 to email [email protected]
Notes to OTA:
Student Aged 18 & above (adult), single and Studying (can provide valid student ID)
eTransfer 25$ to email [email protected] OR use Paypal
Notes to OTA:

E-transfer Membership amounts to help improve the OTA's activities. e-Mail transfer to [email protected] Thank you